Think Spring Everyone!

   **SPRING REGISTRATION WILL BE SUNDAY, MARCH 15, FROM 4 to 6 PM AT                                         THE TREMPEALEAU VILLAGE HALL**                                               (If you cannot make it, contact your director and get signed up before April 15)  

Please  inquire about our open positions within the TYSC Board.  

Welcome to the TYSC website.  This website will provide you very helpful links, which includes access to the Executive Board and Team Director email addresses.  Please reach out to anyone of us with any question or concerns.

Watch this website for important information about upcoming registration and the spring clean-up dates. Also find us on Facebook at Trempealeau Youth Sports Club.

We are very excited about our 2015 Season.  Over the last few seasons there were many facility improvements, which included a new lighting system, new batting cages, new score board, and the addition of billboard advertising.  These changes can’t happen without the support of our club members, community families, and the surrounding businesses.  We want to say thank you to all of you for your generous support both financially and physically.

Spring practices will be starting shortly.  Your directors and coaches will be providing your practice times directly to you.