Catfish Days – TYSC Cheese Curd Stand Worker Schedule and Clean Up Assignments

Hello Trempealeau families and friends,
Our favorite summer event is coming up – CATFISH DAYS.  For many years now, the Trempealeau Lions have offered us a spot in the food tent to do some fundraising for our club and help an awesome event.  TYSC needs your help to make this a great success again this year!
Below are the links to sign up for working a shift in the food stand or a few other locations/special events we have been asked to provide food and soda.  This year we are trying to include a shift leader (a separate schedule below).  This, ideally, is someone who has knowledge and experience with working the food stand for TYSC and is willing to be available by person or phone to come assist with any issues that arise. This might include finding needed supplies, getting supplies kept in another location or coming/finding help if someone does not show for their shift.

2016 Registration Forms

Please complete both the Registration Form and Registration Fee Form.  Two payments will need to accompany your forms – registration fee and volunteer deposit.  Please make payments payable to TYSC.  If you are mailing your forms and payments please send to TYSC, PO Box 263, Trempealeau, WI 54661.  REGISTRATION FORM AND FEES ARE DUE BY MARCH 13TH.  Any forms or fees received after this date may not be processed and will be subject to TYSC Board approval.

2016 Registration form

Click Link here for PDF version: 2016 Registration Form

2016 Registration Fee Form

Click Link here for PDF version: 2016 Registration Fee Form

TYSC 2016 Registration Time Frames


January 11th – Registration Materials will be posted on TYSC Facebook Page and TYSC Website.

February 21st – TYSC Summer Registration Event for Swim Team and Summer Ball Teams 5:00-7:00pm at Trempealeau Community Center

March 13th – Deadline for Swim Team and Summer Ball Programs (Registrations received after deadline will require board approval and may not be accepted)

Calling for Concrete Bids!!!

TYSC Request for Bids – T-ball Field Dugouts

Concrete Work

 TYSC is looking for a contractor to assist in the initial steps of constructing new dug out areas at the T-ball field in Trempealeau.  We will need bids submitted no later than Saturday November 14th.  Job details are listed below and a diagram of concrete is in the second document.

Please submit bids to Jessica Haney, Vice President TYSC either at or drop off at  N11750 Whispering Pines.

Time Frames

  • Project is to start within 1 week of being awarded the bid
  • Project is to be completed within 2 weeks of starting the project.

 Description of Work to be Done

  • Remove current fencing in front of both dugouts
    • Reserve some removed fencing to be used as reinforcement within concrete slab
  • Remove current benches in both dugouts
  • Prepare area for new dugout slab – See diagram for dimensions
  • Dig, set & pour four (4) 8’ 4” x 4” posts – See diagram, link to diagram below, for location and spacing
  • Dig, set & pour four (4) 10’ 4” x 4: posts -  – See diagram, link to diagram below, for location and spacing
  • TYSC will supply the four (4) 8’ 4” x 4” posts and four (4) 10’ 4” x 4 posts.  Please give 2 day notice when ready for these supplies to coordinate delivery.
  • Form concrete slab of 6.735 ft (76.5”) x 31.875 ft (382.5”);
  • Slab should be offset to allow for new fencing to be installed in front of dugouts and remain in line with backstop fence line.
  • Remove forms, back fill slab, grade and seed area around the dugout not a part of the infield ball area.
  • Contractor will be responsible for all trash and disposal or recycling of materials removed or no longer usable after completion of the project.

Diagram Link: Dug Out Diagram

Our Season is Complete

We have had a fun summer and some really great ball played this year.  As the kids are transitioning into their fall sports or just getting ready for the start of school, TYSC is looking to do our fall clean up from this exciting season.  2015 Fall Clean Up Flyer


Please consider joining us again this fall on August 30, 2015 at 4pm at the Main ball field.  Many hands make light work and if we can have the help we had this Spring in getting ready for the season we will be done just as quickly.

2015 season has begun

Welcome to the TYSC website.  This website will provide you very helpful links, which includes access to the Executive Board and Team Director email addresses.  Please reach out to anyone of us with any question or concerns.

Please  inquire about our open positions within the TYSC Board.  

We are very excited about our 2015 Season.  Over the last few seasons there were many facility improvements, which included a new lighting system, new batting cages, new score board, and the addition of billboard advertising.  These changes can’t happen without the support of our club members, community families, and the surrounding businesses.  We want to say thank you to all of you for your generous support both financially and physically.

Find us on Facebook at Trempealeau Youth Sports Club